Sunday, December 03, 2017

Almost a long run

Shunned the 6am start despite a 5.30am alarm as I need the sleep recovery after a harder run on the Saturday.  Fortunately Craig and Hamish were keen for an 8.30am start.  Bit of a discussion as to where to go but we settled on a run around Narrabeen Lake getting there the most direct route.

Nice run. Felt good. Shout out to Lewis on our first km flying back the other direction (although as it turned out we were to return running the same pace over that section).

Pavlov Dog reaction on that route results in the pace increasing from Cromer onwards.  Last 2 km with Craig in under 4mins per km and I was cooked (it was pretty warm by then).  All up 25.2km in 4:28's.

Getting there.

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